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[LIFETIME ACCESS] Facebook + _____ = Ecommerce sales

Do you know why Facebook introduced
BUY button as one of call to action
options for ads and posts?


This is because people are buying
from facebook ads and post all the


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The best way to make money is to use
free traffic you have to your offers
from promo posts, but the problem
is that most people do not have
facebook audience big enough for
their promos to make any money at


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While now there are apps, which can
help you to find great ecommerce
products and eye catching content
to promote them, the content by
itself is pretty much useless unless
you have actual audience to see and
share it.


Group Marketer allows you to
broadcast the content that promotes
the products to be seen by massive
audience completely for free.


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See you at the top,
Earl Smith





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