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Are you using Clickfunnels or Lead Pages?

Are you using ClickFunnels, Lead Pages,
OptimizePress, InstaPage, SquareSpace,
MegaPhone, WordPress Themes, etc?

If so, go and watch this.

The Missing Piece to ALL Page Builders…

My friend and 7-figure marketer, JP
Schoeffel has been using his system
privately to create a million dollar a
year business. It’s the foundation for
building a list, generating traffic and

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The secret sauce into his system is the
suite of ROI + Conversions features
(that are the missing piece to why most
pages built with other landing page
builders FAIL).

Psychological And Emotional Triggers

– Geo-Targeting Refining: Only deliver
traffic from specific locations to your
squeeze/landing page.

– Custom Localization Headlines: Insert
the city/location in your headline/text
for each visitor. –

Audio Welcome Messages: Use royalty free
voice and background tracks on your page
(hundreds included).

– Traffic Re-Generating: Recover up to
30% of your leaving traffic with this

– Creating Social Signals & Backlinks:
Have real people share and socially
bookmark your content.

– Auto-Optimize: Have the system
automatically send traffic to the
winning page in a A/B test.

– Have OTHER Members to Send you
Traffic/Leads: Leverage the other LPS
members to drive traffic to your squeeze
and landing pages.

And so many more features that will turn
visitors into leads and $!

Such as : Dynamic keyword insertion,
Click-to-call landing pages, PPV landing
pages, 1-click and ZERO click Optin
Technology, animations, multi-step

==>> Gain Access Right Now
See you at the top,
Earl Smith

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