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**NEW SOFTWARE** Ignored On Social Media? Not Anymore…

New tech allows you to make fascinating
viral and marketing animated GIF images
in the new way top marketers, viral
content producers, and top brands do it.
Netflix, Dell, Disney, Nintendo and
thousands of others are using new type
of GIF which now you can make in FlickGIF
in a few minutes.
It enables you to leverage the power of
GIF like it was never possible before.
New animated GIFs are already taking over
the internet, social media, a marketing
world in general.
38 percent of all websites are using GIF
images already.
New York Times published that there are
23 million GIFs posted on social media
every day, which makes mind blowing
8 billions GIF posts per year.
GIF are taking over not only social media
but they also deliver great results for
email marketing and sales conversion.
Dell officially reported 42% increase in
email click through rate and 103% increase
in conversion rate from their GIF centered
email campaign.
GIFs are hooking users because they allow
to express emotions or tell a story in the
span of a few seconds and they are easy to
The impulse of sharing a GIF is instant,
which is precious at a time when getting
attention is harder than ever, and it is a
critical factor for viral traffic.
GIFs can be used on all social platforms,
with Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr being
the most popular ones.
Earl Smith

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