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Smart Member 2.0 – [VIDEO] I’ll admit, I made a mistake…

Every once in a while I just have
to admit something.


So today, I’ll admit that I was


I made a mistake.


You see, I heard about this new
software that was being launched
this month.It’s called Smart Member.

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But I thought it was just about
building membership sites and
that’s it.


I had no idea that this was a
full blown tool suite that
handles almost every aspect of
your business!


In fact, it even replaces 5 or
6 other softwares that most of
us are paying monthly fees for.


I imagine that many of us will
be saving thousands of dollars
per year just from this

==>> Smart Member 2.0


Every once in a while we make


I made the mistake of pre-judging
Smart Member and thinking it was
just a basic membership platform.


But after watching the overview
video, my jaw literally dropped
to the floor.


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This is a DREAM software,
perfect for everyone in our


The product creator, Chris Record,
has invested over $500,000 into
it so far.


And is planning to invest another
$1,000,000 into it this year!


Users of the 1.0 version of the
software have already generated
millions of dollars in sales.


Hundreds of thousands of leads
are being generated and managed
through this system.


And the amount of thought and
detail that has gone into this
is priceless!


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This. Is. BIG!


See you at the top,
Earl Smith




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